Student Speaker

Alton Coston, III, a sophomore student at the College of William & Mary double majoring in Public Policy and Africana Studies, is a catalyst for change that simply wants to do whatever he can in his capacity to positively impact those around him.  Born in Richmond, Virginia, Alton’s churning passion for socioeconomic justice derives from the scarcity of adequate resources, opportunities, and education in his community.

In addition to his interest in constitutional law, Alton has previously researched the Virginia General Assembly’s COVID-19 efforts concerning evictions in public housing, has interned for the American Civil Liberties (ACLU) of Virginia, and is involved in numerous activities on campus.

Most recently, Alton has been recommended by House of Virginia Delegate, Patrick Hope of Arlington, to advise the Virginia Board of Corrections on its application of isolated confinement in local correctional facilities. Beyond this, he is also a William & Mary Scholar and a Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholar.