Sophia Ramsey

Visual Design Coordinator at W&M


Join Sophia as she reflects on what her own experience as a young adult taught her about the definition of success, challenging perceptions of old stigmas, and exploring the reality of what it means to ‘fail’ as a Millennial.

Coming from the safety net provided by a two-parent, loving and supportive middle class background, you might think Sophia is a surprising choice to speak about failure. Yet in some ways, her idyllic upbringing makes her especially qualified to evaluate how the shock of an unexpected failure can change a persons worldview. Sophia Ramsey comes to William & Mary with an eclectic amalgam of experience that gives her the insight to relate to and guide her students in their current and ever-changing endeavors. With life experiences ranging from typical James Madison University student and subsequent Washington, DC graphic designer, to a surprising and informative stint as a bartender, the current Visual Design Coordinator for William and Mary’s student union has had the opportunity to experience the young adult world from a multi-disciplined lens. Sophia is eager to explore the meaning of failure in relation to her experiences, and share what she has learned so far as a young adult millennial about how to keep moving forward.