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Hi there! I am Sowmya Bendapudi, currently pursuing the MBA program at the College of William & Mary's Business School. Driven by academic ambition, meticulousness, and persistence, I thrive on tackling challenges and setting high goals.

Outside the academic sphere, I find solace in activities like Pilates, long walks in nature, and cycling around Williamsburg. My deep interest in human stories has led me to the inspiring world of TEDx, where storytelling fuels my creativity. Professionally, I'm rooted in advertising, passionate about marketing, and dedicated to building memorable brands.

Looking forward, my aim extends beyond becoming a successful marketer post-graduation. Ultimately, I aspire to be a magical storyteller and, above all, a kind human being. In this journey, I'm not just shaping my career; I'm weaving a narrative that intertwines academic rigor, a love for storytelling, and a commitment to kindness.

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