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Hi, I am Yisi (Alisa) Yang, a junior at the College of William and Mary. I am double majoring in Data Science and Business Analytics.

Beyond academics, I am a photographer. I love nature and photograph many things: forests, ocean, and even hummingbirds. I am patient and detail-oriented, to the extent that I can even count the feathers.

I am an artist, not just traditional art, but also digital art. I am not confined to the classic but also explore emerging media.

I am an outdoor enthusiast: from rollerblading, and running, to biking. I constantly seek challenges, go beyond my boundaries, and become faster and stronger.

I, am many things. I am a self-explorer, challenge-seeker, curious to learn, creative to create, and passionate to persist, and I believe that my diverse perspectives will lead me to even greater opportunities in the future.​

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